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Solar garden lighting is economical and it beautifies the garden

The work of garden lighting should be entrusted to some professional agencies or workers. The work requires careful planning and proper landscaping. There are many issues to be planned before lighting is taken up. The purpose for which the garden is made will be the first of the issues to be looked into. Is the garden just to beautify the exterior of the house or is that place being used as a place for discussion or just for relaxation with family and friends are some of the points to be carefully examined. Careful planning of the trees proposed to be grown and other decorative flowers to be grown, etc. are all to be considered.interior design trends is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Cost of lighting:

In the normal course, the lighting of garden is expensive because in a garden underground cables have to be drawn. Underground cables are an expensive affair. Further, there are chances of cables getting damaged due to frequent watering. They may also get damaged during the excavating of the earth for planting, etc. In such cases, repairing the damaged cables will involve additional expenditure.

Solar garden lighting:

Solar Garden lighting removes all the drawbacks of conventional process of lighting. Solar system of lighting does not require any cabling work. In fact, it does not require any conventional electrical connection. All lighting points are independent. The lighting points can be rearranged to suit any special occasion. But, this facility is not available in conventional lighting system because any alteration to the light points will call for re-cabling and that involves huge expenditure. Maintenance of solar garden lighting points is easy. There are no chances of any electrical shocks. The lighting points are available in many shapes and varieties. They are simply elegant. Solar garden lightings are normally made of cold cast resins and so they are free from corrosion and they are weather proof. The batteries that are installed in the lighting points get charged automatically during the day time and store enough power to last for the entire night. The batteries and solar cells are so sensitive that minimum sun light will be sufficient to charge the batteries. So even during cloudy conditions the batteries get charged.

10 Great Ways to Illuminate Your Garden

For many people, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate amidst the beauty of plants and landscape of their garden is the ultimate bliss. But, without attractive garden lighting, you cannot capture that bliss. Lights arranged creatively and at the right spots make your garden a heavenly place to be after dusk.  If you’re looking for more tips, designer lighting fixtures has it for you.


Garden lighting is one of the most important elements of your garden. And it not only enhances the beauty of your favorite place, but also makes it safer. A properly lit garden is easier to walk by, as you can clearly make out the pathways, steps, patios, and other elements of the garden during night. It also adds to the security of your home; thieves would not usually dare to enter a home that has a glowing garden. To make garden lighting absolute safe, you must use lights that are certified for outdoors use. This means that they are weather proof.

Ways to Light Up Your Garden

* Floodlighting involves a broad and bright light beam that illuminates a larger area. Although it is bright, it creates striking silhouettes that make your garden look inviting.

* Spotlighting is not used that commonly. Whenever used, it is used to light big plants, trees, large sculptures, and other architecture in the garden.

* Up lighting is a popular way to light up the garden trees, walls, and various statues.

* Down lighting is an imitation of natural light. The lightings are fixed overhead with the light falling directly from above.

* Moonlighting is used to render a dramatic effect to the garden. It is done by fixing lighting high above so that when the light falls, it produces a moonlit effect.

* Shadowing is a type of garden lighting that creates the most magical effect on a garden. It needs surfaces like lawns or walls or strong plants to place the fixtures.

* Accent lighting is done through small fixtures. They are fixed near the ground. They illuminate the garden in a subtle manner and are mostly used to decorate various garden spots.

* Spread lighting involves the use of wide beam angles. They illuminate big features of the garden such as the lawn, fountain area, flowerbeds, borders, patios, and others. Such lighting makes evening or night walks in the garden a pleasure.

* Cross lighting technique is used to highlight particular elements of a garden such as urn, statue, bonsai, archway, and others.

* Silhouette garden lighting outlines the trees, archways, and other elements creating a spectacular view.

Interior Design Trends Follow a Continuous Cycle

Just like fashion and most art, interior design trends follow a certain cycle. There is always resurgence every so odd number of years. What some would regard as innovative styles could actually be a revival of decades old designs. Though new elements can be introduced, the main ideas behind them are not original.

Though it is an accepted fact that ideas and techniques are rehashed, they may not necessarily be a good scheme to adopt for certain homes or offices. Much care must be taken when planning to adopt extreme and edgy decor. Before venturing out it would be best to look at approaches to current interior design and determine which one is most suitable.

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Modern methods preach of simplification. This applies to both residential as well as commercial interior design. Bulky furniture such as sofas and coffee tables are being replaced by space efficient and functional chairs, couches and glass tables. This is reminiscent of the Americana style of the 1950’s. Designs were simple, employing sleek, straight lines with little or no ornamentation. With the current thrust leaning towards maximizing space, people are looking for ways to combine both stylish but practical furnishings in their home or work area.

The use of texture on walls has been well received as it cleverly creates a specific ambiance and can make a room appear bigger or smaller. Earth tones are popular wall paint choices. Drawn from the color palette of tans, browns, greens, grays and some shades of red, they imitate the natural colors usually found in rocks, moss, dirt and trees. Translucent washed within this range gives a natural finish as compared to flat latex paints. They are best accentuated with splashes of color in smaller areas of a room.

The call of practicality has made it essential for people to work within the limitations of their home. The illusion of creating space outweighs the alternative of purchasing a home with a bigger floor area. Distorting perception through the use of color and other artistic and design elements show the creative advancement of interior design.